Ironic gems of 2014

I’m a big fan of irony, seeing it where many others see truth or silliness. Over the past year, these have been among my favorites (It’s the list-making season, right?):

  • The nice couple I know who now swear by the paleo diet….while also buying a new car
  • The guy in the open air parking lot who reamed out someone smoking a cigarette…while said reamer sat in his single-occupied SUV
  • Getting chastised for being rude….because I no longer gave regular injury updates to the person who greeted each one with “I don’t believe you!”
  • Being told that introverts, of which the speaker identifies as the only one present, can’t cope with nonfamily being present, followed by the assertion that that means me…when I am both an introvert and more closely related than the speaker
  • The innumerable Born Again in-laws posting “Jesus is the reason for the season”…written in glitter on Victorian-era inspired glass ornaments decorating a Druid-inspired tree
  • Authoring a self righteous post….because casual references to these with friends have met with eye rolling

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